The digitized NCS dictionary, based on the sRGB values received from "NCS Colour AB", gives very good results in identifying Thai Mural Painting Colours with TCA.

March 15, 2012

In my last post I was expressing my doubt that using the NCS sRGB values, obtained from "NCS Colour AB", will give as good results with TCA as the Munsell digital dictionary, which I obtained by scanning the Munsell patches on the same scanner on that I scanned the artist's samples. I was wrong to have this doubt.
On February 13th I met the artists and showed them the Munsell patches found by the software as good matches for the studied colour names. Whenever TCA indicated a NCS code to be a closer match I showed to artists the corresponding NCS patch. Artists confirmed TCA's result, saying that the NCS colour is a better match.
On March 5th I had another meeting with the artists and continued to show them the colours same way I did on February 13th. In some cases, NCS patches gave closer matches than Munsell. In other cases, when the software couldn't find a match in the Munsell dictionary, but could find a match in the NCS dictionary, the corresponding NCS patch was immediately recognized by artists as the identified colour name.
As a result, Dr. Razvan Preda and I would like to add the NCS colour dictionary to the digital database of the distributable version of TCA. However, we don't have yet an agreement with "NCS Colour AB" for doing so. I wiill ask next month, after performing some separate tests with the NCS patches, the conditions under which we can have such an agreement.
The next meeting with artists will be Monday, March 19th.

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