TCA helped to identify most of the colours that could not be identified with our first method published in Colour Research and Application.

May 5, 2012

On March 19th and April 23rd I had the last 2 meetings with artists. I showed them the rest of the colours that Dr. Preda and I could identify. As usual, the procedure was to show the colours to artists without mentioning the colour names. The artists recognized unanimously 139 colour names within the colours that I showed them and 3 of the artists recognized 8 more colours.

Most of the colour names from our list could be identified with the Trichromatic Colour Analyser. Many of them could not be identified with our previous method and for some other colours we could find better matches by using TCA. The delay of 22 years in completing the Colour Name Identification Project led to the irreversible loss of over 60 traditional Thai colour names, because artists do not know today how some of these colours look like or they disagree on others within unacceptable colour tolerances.

The research is finalized and we will formally submit our papers to academic journals for review by the scientific community. However, the project is far from being ended. The goal is to produce a Traditional Thai Colour Name Dictionary that can be used in the restoration of Thai mural paintings in the temples. Dr. Razvan Preda and I will develop a method for performing the restorations with the colour names that we identified. The new stages and results will be posted on this website, from time to time.

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