Natural Colour System will be used in the improved method of Color Identification for Thai Mural Paintings.

by Pichayada Katemake on December 15, 2011

An agreement was signed this week with "NCS Colour AB" for using the Natural Color System (NCS), a proprietary perceptual color model published by the Scandinavian Colour Institute (Skandinaviska Färginstitutet AB) of Stockholm, Sweden.

Many thanks to Per Jutterström and Kennet Vrågård from NCS Colour AB.

Traditional Thai colour name identification. A project that waited for 22 years!

by Pichayada Katemake on December 6, 2011

Thai colour names used for mural paintings and Khon masks are normally known today only among few artists who inherited the knowledge to paint them from their elders. They will be one of Thais lost cultural treasures once these artists disappear.

Traditional Thai paintings have never been restored by matching the original colours and artists cannot quantitatively describe the characteristics of the traditional Thai colour names known to have been used in the original paintings. This is a major impediment in colour identification and preservation studies that are necessary for future restoration works of temples and artifacts.

The first internationally recognized method for identifying, analyzing and preserving traditional Thai colours was developed this year (2011) in the Department of Imaging and Printing Technology of Chulalongkorn University. The article can be accessed online at:

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