Trichromatic Colour Analyser - the software used for Traditional Thai Colour Name Identification - will be ready soon for distribution.

by Pichayada Katemake on January 5, 2012

Developed initially for our research project of analysing and identifying traditional Thai colours, Dr. Preda and I decided to expand the software system for general use, in order to fill an empty niche in the field of colorimetric analysing tools. Trichromatic Colour Analyser (TCA) is the first distributable system that can turn scanners into colorimeters, offering the advantage of the wide scanner glass that we partially transformed into measurement port.

On December 30th, I had a pre-announced presentation of TCA (which is the first scientific software package ever released by Chulalongkorn University) in front of some colleagues who decided to honour me with their presence and in front of the Head of Department and the Dean of the Faculty of Science. TCA has become now a separate project and will have its own public presentation in January, followed by a product release in March. On January 12th 2012 I will introduce the first final version of TCA system at the "Colour in Life" symposium and from February there will be workgroup sessions and live presentations organized for everyone who would like to test the system or just know more about it.

The main events related to TCA can be checked at: http//

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