Digitized Colour Dictionaries implemented in TCA system for identifying Traditional Thai Colour Names.

by Pichayada Katemake on February 11, 2012

This week I finished digitizing the Munsell Book of Color, matt edition with 1350 colour patches, on Epson GT20000 for matching the sRGB colour samples painted by artists, which were scanned on the same scanner.  I already have the sRGB values for the NCS colours provided by “NCS Colour AB" ready to use. Both sets, Munsell and NCS, are integrated now in the TCA software. I’m expecting to obtain the best results with the digitized Munsell patches, because the colorimetric values were produced on the same scanner on which I scanned the samples received from artists. However, the TCA system proved to be quite accurate when using external values and this is a major opportunity to check the system’s accuracy on 2 entire colour dictionaries independently.

Monday, February 13th, artists are invited in my Laboratory for verifying the colours. I will show them the calculated colours resulted from the identification process and the colour matches from the 2 implemented dictionaries and they will have to write down the traditional colour names for the colours they see. I will show them each calculated colour on a calibrated screen and I will also show them the Munsell and NCS patches of the matched colour, without mentioning the colour name for which the respective colour was calculated and matched.  The colours that will pass this test can be added to the Traditional Thai Colour Name Dictionary.

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